Hello and welcome to Desperately seeking.

Desperately seeking is a purpose built social network to assist people in finding what ever it is they are looking for, whilst also bringing those together who share the same interests!

The site enables users to include in their profile what it is they seek, this could be absolutely anything (Though we do not condone or support any illegal activities here on Desperately Seeking)

Using the profile search other users are able to target specific details within other users profiles, if the contents of their search matches their interest and what they seek, then a connection between the two users can be made, either by making contact or by using the friends system, or our new chat room.

As with most social networks Desperately Seeking allows users to make contact with one another either publicly or privately, add each other as friends and share their interests and details.

Inspiration, and why was Desperately seeking was created?

My own story:

“I personally have a sister who I have not seen for over 35 long years, I was 7 years old when I last saw her, I believe over the years she has married and has a family of her own now, I also believe that she may now live outside of the UK, I wanted to create a platform for either myself and my family to make contact with my sister or for my sister to make contact with us”.

My own situation also led me to start reading up on information about how many people simply disappear in the UK and indeed worldwide each year, the statistics were astounding, and the cause for their disappearances were so varied, from personal family problems, to stress related issues, to quite simply the person just got up and left, with no explanation and wasn’t seen again.

And so I figured that If I could provide some type of platform / network which may allow these people to reunite with one another, then it would be a great service for a fantastic cause, understandably some people leave because they don’t want to be found, but you’re only found on Desperately seeking if you put yourself out there to be found.

We have provided below a brief guide on how the sites advanced search works, to assist.

Advanced search form instructions


Why not have a peek at our short video which will also provide you with some more information as to what we are all about 🙂